Distcc adventures: Distributed cross-compiling with macOS and Windows/Linux

This post was originally written on April 20, and it uses LLVM 11.1

Recently I've had a sudden urge to do some distributed compilation to speed up the compilation times for my compact Vulkan engine (which is written in C++). It's not a big codebase by any means, but mostly being on an 8 year old MacBook (it's comfy), I thought it'd be nice to leverage the computational power of my Windows PC, which usually just plays some jazz or lo-fi streams in the background.

However, this innocent adventure turned into a slightly arduous journey. So I decided to turn this experience into a quick guide.

Site update and general news

The site has been updated! The blog section is now back. I'll be using this section to post some technical articles, development posts, experiments and prototypes, and art & music.

Behind the scenes, I rewrote the site using eleventy, switching from another static site generator. So far I'm quite happy with it. It is quite flexible and I can organize the site in a better manner.

So what else has been going on?