New Engine

30 Jul 2014, 23:20

In the last two weeks I've been working on my new compact engine. I've added physically based rendering, GPU skinning, physics (with bullet), and a revamped material system; improved shadow quality and the exporter; dabbled in what seems to be beginnings of an editor; made several optimizations, and done a lot of cleaning.

I set up a little test scene using a model by Andrew Maximov. (How come all the PBR test scenes are guns?!). It's a rough test; I haven't gotten around to assigning unique materials yet. It's all using a single material.

Here's the result!

PBR Test 01

The engine is written in C++11 and uses OpenGL 4.1.

Since I work on a Mac, OpenGL 4.1 is as high as I can go at this time. It's certainly not bad, but I'm looking forward to using newer features like SSBOs.

PBR Test 03

Feature set so far:

  • Deferred HDR rendering
  • Physically based shading
  • Skeletal animation with GPU skinning
  • Dynamic shadows
  • Physics (with Bullet)
  • Post-processing
    • HDR Bloom
    • Convolution filter
    • FXAA
  • Exporter for Blender
  • Behaviors (native scripts)
  • Entity component system design

More stuff planned, for sure!

Need to go and think of a name for this now.

Ultrablast Updated! 1.6.0 iOS

30 Mar 2014, 04:22

Here we go!

  • iOS 7.1 support
  • 64-bit support
  • iPhone 5, iPad Air support
  • Auto-recalibration of tilt controls
  • Graphics optimizations
  • Story dialog updates
  • Removed unused bits
  • Fixed a Game Center issue
  • Fixed an audio engine bug
  • Internal refactoring galore
  • Other minor updates and fixes

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