Ultrablast Updated! 1.6.0 iOS

30 Mar 2014, 02:22

Here we go!

  • iOS 7.1 support
  • 64-bit support
  • iPhone 5, iPad Air support
  • Auto-recalibration of tilt controls
  • Graphics optimizations
  • Story dialog updates
  • Removed unused bits
  • Fixed a Game Center issue
  • Fixed an audio engine bug
  • Internal refactoring galore
  • Other minor updates and fixes

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First Post!

14 Mar 2014, 11:18


Okay, I did it again. I worked on the website instead of the game, but it was fun!

I switched over to Ghost for blogging. It's pretty awesome. A blogging platform I finally like! I predict it will take over the blogging world after its 1.0 release - or before.

It will be nice to keep a live dev blog for the new game I'm working on. You'll see posts appear shortly!